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Boys Will Be Boys

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Giovanni Capriotti (Italy)
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Muddy York Rugby Football Club player Danny Perez (standing) and his partner Jonathan Buckley cuddle on the balcony of their apartment in Toronto, Canada. Perez is one of Muddy York RFC’s best players.

Muddy York Rugby Football Club, established in 2003, is the first gay-friendly rugby team in Toronto, Canada. It was set up to resist the idea that gay men were not suitable for a heavily masculine sport like rugby, and to counter the stereotypes surrounding gay athletes. Canada is now host to three gay-oriented teams, after the Montreal Armada joined the Ottawa Wolves and Muddy York. A fourth, the Vancouver Rogues, dissolved after players felt they had brought sufficient awareness to issues of inclusion, and now play on mixed teams. Muddy York RFC competes against mainstream teams in the Toronto Rugby Union, and travels to play against other gay teams.

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About the Event:

WPP Prize winning photographer Giovanni Capriotti will speak at the World Press Photo Exhibition, about his series "Boys Will be Boys", an exploration of the concept of gender with the Muddy York inclusive rugy team in Toronto Canada. This story starts with strongly masculine photographs of the team on the field and takes the viewer on a journey through the lives of the players, ending in their annual fundraiser, a drag competition.

Come discuss Giovanni's work, the photograph and the story behind this powerful series.

About the host:

The Lightscape Foundation is dedicated to expanding interest in, knowledge of, and engagement with global current events through photojournalism. Lightscape is the driving force behind the return of the World Press Photo exhibition to Washington D.C. and is pioneering partnerships with local think-tanks, universities, embassies and civil society groups that can tell the stories behind this year's prize winning photographs.


Saturday, 11 November


Time TBD


World Press Photo Exhibition 2017
Dupont Underground
19 Dupont Cir NW
Washington, DC

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